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With the 2020 release of ProMISe the most comprehensive continuous improvement toolkit has come to age.  The time has come to let the world enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary toolkit.

We are looking for partners world-wide to help their local businesses to perform better, reduce their environmental impact and become better employers.

We believe that the key to success is to work with local partners who know best how to make use of the ProMISe toolkit within their culture.

Global enterprises, operating in multi-cultural timezones will find that ProMISe offers holistic, yet pragmatic management information throughout all the levels in their enterprise.

The adaptability of ProMISe2020 allows the implementation into new market segments. Until 2020 most ProMISe users were "classical" production & processing plants... The 2020 version is ready for any business sector.

Regional Distribution

Grow your business

We are looking for regional partners, dedicated to support businesses in their region with a revolutionary toolkit for the next level of performance.

Local partners can set up or expand their businesses by promoting and implementing an OEM version of ProMISe. Our extensive over 20 years experience with continuous improvement acts as a solid support base to act upon.

If you are interested to become a distributor, contact us via the button below.

Global Enterprises

Become more competitive

Management by fact straight trough all layers of your organisation, from top-level benchmarking down-to shop-floor flow. ProMISe delivers!

The unique ProMISe Matrix in combination with the AccessPoint based enterprise structure and work-flow management makes sure that all operations are homogenious continuously improved.

ProMISe serves your enterprise!

If you work for an enterprise and would like to use ProMISe, contact us via the button below.

Market Segments

Open up the world

Anything around you can be seen as a process. An order of specific tasks leading to a product or service.

ProMISe2020 can be adapted to suit any process. The only limitation is your imagination.

This is your opportunity to open up a complete market segment and become a leader in that segment.

If you would like to start ProMISe in a new market, contact us via the button below.