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Emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis

For many manufacturers these are critical times. The impact of health care regulations to preserve well-being of employees, combined with drastic market shifts call on adaptability. To put this into other words: These are Darwinian times. Survival of the fittest in its purest form.

Below are several arguments how ProMISe helps companies to survive this and future crises and let them emerge fit to face a new world.


Lets be very clear: There is no replacement for a face to face conversation. Since the far greater part of inter human communication takes place at a non-verbal level.

Our human nature makes it nearly impossible to act according local infection prevention regulations consistently; that's a part that makes us human. We have a deep need to socialize.

Try to virtualize that socialization as much as possible. Daily production meetings should take place by remote conference and use of (web)cameras to support non-verbal body expression. The ProMISe real-time multi-user environment with Shift-reports, Work order Management and automated feedback is your centralized information page during these meetings that makes sure that all participants see exactly the same information.

Increase span of control

The tool set provided by ProMISe allows operation managers to increase their control, while at the same time reduce their time spent to gain that level of control.

Combined with the above mentioned virtualization, managers now have the tools to increase their span of control over multiple sites without losing that personal touch. ProMISe will not and can not, like any other tool, replace on-site presence, but it will allow you to reduce the time spent on-site significantly without loss of quality.

Companies affected by a reduction of order load are now able to reduce their number of site and / or operation managers. Companies experiencing an increase in order load are able to postpone hiring new managers to run operations.

Identify quick wins

Everywhere people work, mistakes are made. BE PROUD OF IT!   Mistakes offer the opportunity to improve. ProMISe provides the tools to register effortless any form of process disruption, simple mistakes and unnecessary efforts to all involved. ProMISe supports an open and transparent culture towards the fact that we are simply prone to error, no exception!

These registrations are "transformed" by ProMISe into the time domain so they are taken into account in the OEE-reports and (virtual) downtime analyses.

With help of our ROI-calculator the financial impact of this (virtual) downtime is presented by displaying the true costs of errors. It enables a fact-based decision to reserve the fitting budget to prevent future recurrence.

Take away frustration

Anyone who has ever worked at the shop floor, being it in manufacturing, logistics or services, has experienced some level of frustration by spending energy, repeatedly on avoidable tasks.

As the demands for efficiency rises, these small frustrations can quickly pile up, increasing risk of sick leave due to (avoidable) stress.

With ProMISe, staff at every level of operation can easily report these frustrating efforts to managers who then can facilitate to take away the frustration and structurally contribute to the well-being of their staff.

Preserve knowledge

There is no escape, time moves on and a part of your staff will come into age. Within the foreseeable future they will leave the firm to enjoy their well deserved pension.

With their leave, in many branches of industry, valuable knowledge on how to deal with unexpected situations gets lost. The new generation needs first to make the same mistakes in order to get to the same level of craftsmanship.

The COVID crisis speeds up this process. In companies with a decreasing order load, time-release, often supported by local governments, is given to production staff, often the more expensive elderly ones. While sitting out the crisis chances are they will not return. In companies with an increase of order load, new staff will come in, lacking the same experience, therefore making mistakes avoided by the experienced.

Wouldn't it be great if the experience and knowledge stays in the company and is presented to new staff precisely at the right moment?

The unique ProMISe Matrix combined with the ProMISe Expert Module can store solutions and procedures (SOPs) created by the experienced and offer them to the novice, avoiding staff exchange related repetitive mistakes.

Other Advantages ...

  • The improvement cycle is embedded in the system. Suitable for ISO 9001 certification.
  • It gives a holistic view of the organization.
  • Fact-based management: Data driven production.
  • One system that gives a total view of production for the operations and/or plant manager.
  • ProMISe is flexible. Measure and register disruptions as YOU like.
  • Streamlined communication and provision of information via logbook and work order management.
  • It encourages teamwork and social interaction.
  • ProMISe is very user friendly.
  • The system is quite accessible for the use of process optimization. Automation is not required for measuring disruptions.

Finally ...

Let's be very clear about it, ProMISe alone will likely not suffice for all challenges presented during these dynamic times. Other measures are needed as well.

However, ProMISe will contribute to your survival and can be implemented within days without an investment ...  It's solely up to you!