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the Matrix

The truly unique core of ProMISe is our revolutionary ProMISe Matrix.  It's a holistic multi-dimentional description of your complete organisation. Everything in your enterprise is somehow connected and influencing the outcome, being it production, financial, quality, well-fare or any other form of output of your organisation.

One could say that the ProMISe Matrix constructs a small universe of relations, causes, effects and solutions. Truly unique in this world!

With the help of our Matrix Management wizards we succeeded to connect this incredible complexity of interacting factors and present it to you as a simple menu.

Despite the appearant complexity, our training and software ensures that your organisation is on it's way to continuous improvement within a few days!



The start of your ProMISe improvement universe.


The ProMISe Matrix

Enables a single system to:

  • Very simple determine root-causes of production interference
  • Envelope your complete asset-management-tree
  • Benchmarking within your enterprise
  • Generate OEE based reports
  • Support workflow management to improve
  • Steer your maintenance department
  • Integrate with your machines
  • Work with ProMISe outside network range
  • Define your 80/20 Pareto focus
  • Monitor your improvement progress
  • Dynamically grow with your needs
  • ...(and many more advantages)...